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Вы не найдете такого в брошюрах: LMT и STAHL CraneSystems обеспечили Vetter Stahlhandel тандемными кранами

Vetter Stahlhandel supplies customers between Elbe and Ems with steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Vetter needed a purpose-built crane for the storage and packaging depot built at the company’s headquarters in Bremerhaven in 2012: it needed to transport long goods such as steel sections and steel plates safely both in longitudinal and transverse directions. A simple facility for lifting pallets was also required. The solution: a tandem crane with two crane bridges, four wire rope hoists and a pallet grab. The system was developed, manufactured and erected by crane specialist LMT in Bremen in collaboration with STAHL CraneSystems.
The crane bridges have a span of 22 metres and were raised to make optimum use of the height of the building. The maximum working load of the crane system is 12.5 t, distributed over four STAHL CraneSystems wire rope hoists type SH 30 with 3,150 kg maximum working load each. The control is a distinctive feature of tandem cranes such as this: it must include specific circuits to ensure that the cranes run in synch, and guarantee the safety of the whole system if a component should fail. Radio control makes the crane system easy to handle: the joystick permits both cranes to be combined for tandem operation, the four STAHL CraneSystems wire rope hoists can also be coupled. The mode of operation selected is displayed by signal lights on the crane endcarriages. Pressing a button enables the four wire rope hoist hooks to be put into neutral position before taking up long goods. An up-to-date geo radio remote control is used for communication between the cranes, naturally meeting current safety regulations. If one of the cranes makes an unscheduled stop or one of the hoists fails, the system disconnects all motions in fractions of a second and thus prevents the load tilting. The loads on the hoists and crane bridges are added up by radio via a cumulative load controller from STAHL CraneSystems. The suspended load is also shown on the display of the radio remote control. Two separate slave radio remote controls enable the cranes to be controlled independently. However for safety reasons each crane can only be controlled by a single remote control. Changing over from slave control to joystick control must therefore be performed manually.

LMT ordered the crane components in the form of a CraneKit using the STAHL CraneSystems “CraneGuide” software. The CraneKit was supplemented by an off-standard control for the additional functions and a pallet grab which can be lifted by two of the four wire rope hoists. A further distinctive feature is the crane lighting which LMT installed on the wire rope hoists above the pallet grab. Previously it was difficult to instal lighting on cranes due to the vibrations. Thanks to LMT’s up-to-date LED technology, spotlights could now be fitted to the wire rope hoists to light the working area below the hoist clearly. The LED spotlights feature robust design, long life and tremendous light output while consuming only 150 W electricity.

LMT has been on the market since 2000. Bernhard L?bben, the company’s energetic managing director, now employs a staff of 15. Designing off-standard cranes, refurbishing used hoists and crane service are only a few of the company’s activities. For LMT Ingenieur- und Planungs GmbH is also a recognised specialist for the visual data acquisition of vehicle numberplates and container numbers, mobile workshops, lifting platforms and off-standard systems. The company’s versatility pays off: “Since we were established 12 years ago there hasn’t been a single day when we didn’t have anything to do,” says Bernhard L?bben, who looks forward every challenging problem. The other Managing Director, Matthias Cordes, adds: “We make things you can’t find in any brochure, things that don’t exist anywhere else: the exceptional. We always find a solution.” As partner of STAHL CraneSystems, LMT has focussed on components from the South German crane technology specialist for three years now. Bernhard L?bben explains his strategy for success: “We know a lot of specialists, and have detailed knowledge of what our customers do. We combine all this to devise creative solutions, and so we can often provide customised solutions in a very short space of time. In STAHL CraneSystems we have at our side a reliable partner for hoists and crane components, giving us specialised assistance for our projects.”
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