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Белорусы отправляются за покупками в Кюнцельсау - Stahl CraneSystems поставило оборудование для высокотехнологичного вагоностроительного завода

STAHL CraneSystems has supplied 71 hoists to Belarus for a new wagon works. The Russian/Belarusian joint venture Osipovichi Wagon Works is building a new factory for manufacturing and overhauling tank and freight wagons. Around 1,500 new jobs are to be created in the Mahiljou region.
Osipovichi Wagon Works has announced an initial production output of up to 2,500 freight wagons and 2,000 tank containers per year. Capacity could be increased to 3,500 freight wagons at a later date. This output is intended to cover the rising demand in the country and make expensive imports superfluous. The company intends to export excess production to Russia, other CIS states and the Baltic states. An up-to-date manufacturing concept will permit rapid model changes so that production can react flexibly to demand.
A repair works for railway wagons has existed in Osipovichi since 1933. The existing shop has now been completely renovated, in addition five ultra-modern shops for manufacturing freight wagons and transport tanks are being built on the site.
In Autumn 2011 – when the structural steelwork was completed – the Minsk company Autosbitzaptschast erected the first cranes. The order comprised a total of 36 double girder overhead travelling cranes, manufactured in part by South German crane builders Innokran and Haslinger, STAHL CraneSystems from Kќnzelsau supplied the complete crane technology equipment consisting of 71 wire rope hoists, 88 crane endcarriages and the necessary controls. The double girder overhead travelling cranes are each equipped with two wire rope hoists – an SH 60 with 16 t – 20 t S.W.L. and a fast SH 40 auxiliary hoist with 5 t S.W.L.
Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Belarus has been independent, however politically and economically it is still largely orientated on its big neighbour Russia. Having a planned economy, the state’s trade relations with Germany tend to be weak. Thus this major order to German crane technology experts STAHL CraneSystems must be ranked all the higher.
In the final analysis the determining factor was the technical superiority of the hoists and the internationally recognised high reliability of STAHL CraneSystems’ products. The Kќnzelsau company won through against competitors from Turkey and Russia.
Production of the first wagons started according to plan on 31.12.2011, however construction work on the other factory buildings and workshops continues. Thanks to the fast growing industrial and construction sectors, crane business too is developing extremely well in Belarus. Further orders for systems in the Brest, Minsk and Mogilev regions are planned before the end of 2012.

STAHL CraneSystems offers the most comprehensive range of hoisting technology and crane components – and supplies them to crane and systems builders all over the world. The company, founded in 1876, employs around 650 staff, 500 of these in Germany. The experience from over 110 years of crane building and the knowledge gained in decades of fundamental research coalesce at company headquarters in Kќnzelsau. The high degree of vertical penetration in the plant in Germany stands for the outstanding quality of the products – one of the reasons for the company’s excellent position on the market.
STAHL CraneSystems occupies an exceptional position as regards off-standard hoists: on the basis of modular hoist series and a highly performing engineering department, the company develops technically mature solutions far beyond the standard market. STAHL CraneSystems has been the unchallenged world market leader in the field of explosion-protected crane technology for many years.
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